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At the Beall-Dawson House

February 19 - May 25, 2014

The Colonial Revival

A look at the colonial revival movement in America, and its effects on the county's architecture, fashion, furniture, and activities. Artifacts and images, from the 1850s through the late 20th century, illustrate the enduring appeal of - and the many variations on - the “colonial” aesthetic.


At right: George and Mary Ann Kephart in costume at Darnall Place, Poolesville, at an event celebrating the restoration of the 18th century farm, 1984. Donated by Dorothy Pugh.





In the Stonestreet Museum of 19th Century Medicine

September 7, 2013 - June 29, 2014

Montgomery Maternity: Pregnancy, Childbirth and Infant Care at the Turn of the 20th Century
Curated by Caitlin White Magill

Babies are born in Montgomery County every day.  But how was this experience different 50, 100, or  150 years ago?  Our new exhibit takes a look at what’s changed (and what hasn’t) for mothers, fathers, doctors, and the babies themselves through artifacts, documents and images from our extensive 19th and 20th century medical collections.  Medicines, tools, textbooks, clothing, and more illuminate developments in maternity, childbirth, and infant care.

At right: A ceramic infant feeder (i.e., a baby bottle), late 19th century.  Owned by Dr. William A. Waters of Neelsville (Germantown).  Donated by Charles Jacobs.


Coming Soon

June 28, 2014 - January 2015: An examination of Montgomery County's long-standing tradition of civic activism, from the Colonial era through today.

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At right: A protest against the segregated Glen Echo Amusement Park, 1960.  Donated by H. Young.


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